Obediance training

Our trainers are all members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and have extensive training knowledge and experience.

Whether this is your first dog or you are a veteran pet parent, we will help you learn to clearly communicate with your dog.  Canine Clarity believes in Positive Reinforcement because training your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you both. This method builds trust and strengthens relationships that last a dog’s lifetime.

Canine Clarity is here to help work on those frustrating habits like jumping, barking, and mouthing.  We offer a variety of different ways to help train your dog.  Take a look at our services here.

Behavior Problems

No one gets a dog anticipating problems.

It is very frustrating dealing with behavior problems that try your patience and/or cost you more and more money all the time! Whether your dog is destroying your belongings (chewing on rugs, furniture, drywall), not coming when called, is struggling with socialization, aggression, reactivity, anxiety or is a rescue dog trying to learn the way of their new world, Canine Clarity can help!

Humans can unintentionally give their dog mixed signals that set them up for misunderstanding, which on the surface looks like the dog’s just choosing not to pay attention. All of these problem behaviors and miscommunication can be managed or completely eliminated, so let us show you how!

We want to give you back that lovable pet who used to make you smile all the time, before they started driving you crazy!

raising a puppy

It can be stressful, messy and sometimes painful when going through those early puppy growing stages!

With our help, we can stop bad behavior before it’s a problem. Habits like chewing, digging, and anxiety can be prevented during the early stages of life.  We can prevent so many behavioral problems that we see in older dogs.

Experiences from the time they are born until 16 weeks will last a lifetime and it is important that we get it right!  Prevention and ensuring a positive upbringing is key and we are here to do just that!

Let us teach you and your puppy to socialize and interact with other dogs, while engaging in activities that will cover safety, health, obedience, and basic commands.


Socialization is the key component to having a balanced dog.

Our dogs by nature have social desires that need to be met but all socialization is not always good socialization.Socialization is a fundamental part of what we do to help you and your dog on the way to a balanced life. Dogs need plenty of physical exercise as well as mental exercise in order to feel balanced and productive. It is so crucial for young dogs to learn the skills to understand that not every dog wants them all in their face. 

Our recipe for success includes combining meeting social needs and understanding that all dogs are designed to be productive and task oriented.  By engaging our dogs mentally and teaching them to process information, perform desired behaviors, and teach proper and successful social interaction, we are able to build a well behaved dog that is a positive part of your life.

aggression issues

Aggression is just as stressful for dogs as it is for dog owners! Since dogs have the same goal as humans- to get through each day with as little stress as possible- we owe it to them and to ourselves to help them resolve these issues.

Aggression is not a natural state of mind for a dog, but rather, the result of negative experiences, frustration, fear, or lack of socialization. Sometimes it is a combination of these things, creating an even more complex issue. In all cases of aggression, we begin by assessing “why” your dog is behaving aggressively.

A lack of or poor social skills, is the leading cause to fear aggression. Even if your dog is the “initiator”, chances are they are still reacting out of fear or feeling uncomfortable.  What we do is find a different way to solve your dog’s problem and make them more comfortable in the situation from the start.  Aggression is not a natural state of mind for a dog.  No dog wants to feel this way – they are looking for a way out – and we can help them.

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common issues we see in dogs and it is one that will rarely solve itself. As pack animals by nature, when a member of the pack goes “missing” a dog feels extreme anxiety. In order to cope with this anxiety, a dog turns to often destructive or high-stress habits.  At Canine Clarity, we have the skills and knowledge to help your dog gain the self-confidence to be alone and feel secure.

Typical Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

  • Paces or pants constantly while you are out of sight
  • Destroys things when you’re gone
  • Whines or barks when left alone
  • Escapes or attempts to escape when left alone sometimes resulting in bodily harm
  • Urinates or defecates in the house while you’re away

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