Canine Clarity Structured Daycare

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Structured daycare will mentally, and physical drain your dog’s energy and keep their minds sharp as a saw.  Our dogs need more than just an open environment to run around in as this can lead to over stimulation and energy rise which quite often can end up in an injury of scuffle. Regular day care has none of this structure whatsoever

Canine Clarity’s structured daycare starts off with a 2-3 mile pack walk with other like sized dogs, usually between 4-8 dogs per handler. This will help with your dog’s leash manors & possible prey drive or any other leash related behaviors that you don’t like, as our trainers will work on each dog while walking the pack making sure to provide each dog with the correct guidance and learning opportunity.

After the walk we return to the center and work on our mental simulation exercises which are:

  • The “Place” command – All dogs must lay on a cot and wait their turn while there other classmate work. This ends up exercising their minds which is actually what we want, and they need.
  • Learning our ramps with a leash and without.
  • Introduction to the treadmill. Each dog will receive at least 20min on the mill each session, maybe more depending upon your dogs needs.

After the mental work is completed, we then spend the last 2 hours outside in the yard working on each dog’s social skill. This is, most of the time, the dogs favorite part. 

Mother nature’s concept behind this type of “school”/daycare is – Those who walking together, work together also play together at the end of the day!

Canine Clarity’s structured daycare is only offered twice a month and is always on Thursday’s. Please inquiry with the facility before enrolling to make sure your dogs a good fit.

Hours of service are 8am – 1pm – TWO TUESDAYS per month.

Drop off and pick are available just ask a team member when registering.

Cost – $150/dog – Any additional dogs from the same household will receive a $25 discount per dog.